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Product Abstract:

1800W LED Stadium Light Fixtures is designed to replace 3500W-4000W Metal Halide and HPS stadium lights. Supply perfect 1800W 270000Lm LED stadium Lights high efficiency lighting solution for any sport application.

LED Stadium & Sports Light Fixtures

LED Stadium & Sports Light Fixtures Application


1800W LED Stadium Light Fixtures is designed to replace 3500W-4000W Metal Halide and HPS stadium lights. Supply perfect 1800W 270000Lm LED stadium Lights high efficiency lighting solution for any sport application.


LED Sports Floodlighting 1800W
High performance lighting ideal for sports fields and stadiums,Each module can be adjustable with the marking scale to adjust the angle accurately,which help achieve the perfect uniformity illumination.



Light Weight:
The advantage of aluminum fin heat dissipation is that the weight is reduced by about 30% to 40%.This is an advantage compared to traditional die-cast aluminum lamps for sports field lighting installations. To reduce the loading weight of the pole and to reduce the workload of the installer.

Floded Fin:
This allows you to improve thermal performance while adding a minimal amount of weight.Folded Fin heatsinks use a continuous strip of aluminum sheet metal affixed to an aluminum base plate.
The advantage of Folded Fin as opposed to extruded heatsinks is higher aspect ratios and thinner fins, thus increasing surface area and lowering thermal resistance.
The stamping riveting process is not welded so that it make the auminum fins fit more closely with the aluminum board, creating more surface touching area from led chips heat to the heat sink and contributing to faster heat dissipation.

Surface Treatments:
The surface of the heat sink is environmentally friendly and recyclable by powder electrostatic spraying process, which is resistant to corrosion, oxidation and aging.



1440W 1800W LED Stadium Light Fixtures Dimension



Model 1800W-LV IK & IP Rating IK08  IP66
Wattage 1800 Watt Wind rating 51.0-56.0m/s
Lumen 270000lm Beam Angle 10°/20°/40°/60°/90°/10°(P50-P8)/135*60°(P50)/97*47°(TypeIV)
Efficiency 150Lm/W Lifespan >50000 hours
Light Source Lumileds 5050 Dimension 46.89''*44.31''*7.14''
Input Volt 100-277VAC Module 360° rotatable Marine grade aluminum+Tempered glass + PMMA lens+316 Stainless Steel Brackets
Driver Meanwell 6*ELGC-300-H-A Replacement 3500W-4000W HPS MH
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K Net weight 42.0kg


Withstand Wind

Withstand hurricanes of 51.0-56.0m/s.


Rotatable Module

1. Rotating scale on the luminaire for customers to adjust the angle more accurately.

2. Module rotatable up & down & back and front up to 360 degree.

Most manufacturers design the lighting fixtures implementing lens and reflector technologies for desired light distribution.These existing LED lighting methods according to the characteristics of the light will spread to a wider area and will also fall on the area that does not need the light and may lead to light pollution which is inefficient in terms of energy savings. Dragonfly LED Football filed light technology prevents light pollution and emits the light only to the target area, This is advanced technology to control luminance with low power consumption to providea simillar level of luminous flux and also to maximize energy savings.


Beam Angle

10 / 20 / 40/ 60 / 90 degree/ 10 degree(P50-P8)/ 135*60 degree(P50)/97*47 degree(TypeIV)


The installation height of the luminaire is usually between 30 and 50 meters, so the traditional floodlighting will have too much light loss. And our LED stadium flood light uses high quality Lumiled 5050 chips and lenses to select the desired illumination angle. The direction of the beam is concentrated to achieve precise illumination of the light and reduce light loss.



Waterproof and Lighting Proof Design

The IP66 waterproof and lightning protection design makes the LED football field floodlights resistant to harsh conditions.



Light Weight Design

1. Weight of folding fin heat sink is ligher than die casting, extrution etc.

2. 1070 Aluminum, thickness 0.5mm.

Structure on heat dissipation, the heat dissipation area is langer, and the heat dissipation effect is better, it's with Lighter weight, which is 1/3 of weight of die-casting, proximate matter and cold forging.



1. Sports Fields

2. Stadiums

3. Any Sport Application


1440W 1800W LED Stadium Light Fixtures Applications240W 300W LED Stadium Light Fixtures Applications

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