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LED Street Lights 40-150Watt Pluto Series

LED Street Lights 40-150Watt Pluto Series

LED Street Lights Pluto Series


LED Street Lights 40-150Watt Pluto Series is reliable solution that delivers substantial energy savings compared with conventional fixtures. Suitable for street lighting, area lighting, highway lighting, parking lot lighting applications. Depending on the area, you can choose 40-150w led street light to replace 105w-400w HPS and MH lamps.


Maximum Energy Savings

A minimal total cost of ownership was the driving force behind the development of the Pluto range. It is equipped with LEDs and various dimming and remote management options for a dramatic reduction in energy consumption. It offers a very competitive alternative to luminaires equipped with traditional light sources such as highpressure sodium lights.


Pluto Series LED street light is a perfect solution for secondary roads, parks gardens and pathways. It is aesthetically appealing due to its compact design and oers wide range of outdoor solutions with reduced cost of ownership. It can very well replace most of the fluorescent based luminaires (CFL/FTL) and also ensures uniform lighting distribution.


1. Very suitable for park roads, alleys, and other small and medium-sized areas
2. Complete illumination across the entire roadway
3. No external reflectors required
4. Safe for industrial applications
5. High-performance design
6. Dramatic energy savings

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