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Huazhibei LD-02 series LED street light, using high-quality aluminum die casting shell, simple structure,Streamline design, surface spray treatment, high temperature resistance, good weather resistance; optimal integration.The function of heat dissipation, beautiful appearance; using a unique two optical design of the lens, the whole Light intensity, uniform brightness; high temperature resistant silicone rubber seal, seal better equipped with high;A low loss chip imported light source, high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color, no ghosting;Isolation of high precision IC control drive, constant current precision, high conversion rate, longer service life.
Applications: highway, city streets, bridges, tunnels, underground tunnels, underground parking lot, railway square, etc.!

characteristic parameter

Model No.


(V)Working Voltage

(λ)power factor

(lm)Luminous Flux

(Ra) CRI

(K)  CCT

(°)       Beam Angle


IP Rate

(℃)ambient temperature

Lamp structure











10 series 3 parallel

Note: the scope of power error is about 10%; the range of flux error is -10%, some warm white luminous flux will decrease; 

Open the packing box check box products, accessories, complete specifications and the use of manuals, each packing box internal including and package types consistent lighting products a lamp; right out of the box, please check the product is damaged or scratched, labeling and certification is complete.

Installation instructions

1. lighting installation, should ensure that the power off state, so as to avoid improper operation caused by electric shock.
2. LED lights will lamp is arranged in the lamp post, will be sufficient length of red and black wire penetrates into the lamp post until placed at the bottom of the pole adjustment angle, fixed with the screws.
3. power input cable of the brown line and power supply terminal phase red) is connected, power input cable of the blue line and the power supply end of the zero line (blue) is connected, power input cable of yellow green wire and grounding protection line (anchor bolts are connected.
4. Are firmly connected, and then to do joint insulation, waterproof treatment. To be fully installed check lock electric door, switch on the power, the lamp can work

Electrical connections:

LED street lamp power into the line of three core cable, which red or brown line is connected with the live wire, blue line connected to the zero line, ground yellow green yarn. After connecting the electrical wire connections need to be waterproof processing, inside the lamp driving and light source is connected with a waterproof connector line for dimensional protection and use.


1 in order to ensure the reliable and stable work, lighting, ground wire must be reliable grounding!
The 2 wiring is completed, must use the insulating tape, which are insulated from each other and reliable, close well water treatment!
3 fastening screws must be tightened firmly, prevent loosening of lamps.
4 input voltage can not exceed AC285V, otherwise it will cause damage to be repaired!

after-sale service
If in the deconsolidation of products, installation and use of the process have any questions please contact our customer service department, our company will in response to the fastest speed, troubleshooting, and resume normal work.
Due to incorrect installation, operation or specified in non product working environment, the use of fault or damage caused by the conditions, not our customer service, specifically including the following:
1 because of the accident, misuse, damage caused by misuse;
2 due to failure or damage caused by improper storage or transportation of customers;
3 due to damage to the user without dismantling or replacing the Division has not been recognized by parts;
4 failure or damage to human or natural disasters;

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