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Solar Street Lights TYN-LD01 (Leaves Shape)

Model No. TYN-LD01-10W TYN-LD01-15W TYN-LD01-20W TYN-LD01-25W TYN-LD01-30W
Light Power 10W 15W 20W 25W 30W
For Height 3M 3.5M 4M 5M 6M
System Voltage 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V
Solar Panels 45WP 65WP 85WP 2*55WP 2*65WP
Battery 55AH 80AH 100AH 120AH 2*80AH
Working Time 8-10Hrs 8-10Hrs 8-10Hrs 8-10Hrs 8-10Hrs
Rainy Days 3-4 Days 3-4 Days 3-4 Days 3-4 Days 3-4 Days
Sun Hours 3-4Hrs 3-4Hrs 3-4Hrs 3-4Hrs 3-4Hrs
Luminous Eff 100lm/W 100lm/W 100lm/W 100lm/W 100lm/W
Luminous Flux 1000lm 1500lm 2000lm 2500lm 3000lm
CCT 2700K-6800K 2700K-6800K 2700K-6800K 2700K-6800K 2700K-6800K
CRI >75Ra >75Ra >75Ra >75Ra >75Ra
Life Span >50,000 Hrs >50,000 Hrs >50,000 Hrs >50,000 Hrs >50,000 Hrs
Working Temp -40°C to 50°C -40°C to 50°C -40°C to 50°C -40°C to 50°C -40°C to 50°C

Solar Street Lights TYN-LD01 (Leaves Shape)
High Quality Outdoor IP67 Waterproof Leaf Shape 10-30W LED Solar Street Lights

The use of time:
Normal sunlight irradiation time charge for more than 8 hours,every day can shine up to 8~12 hours ( such as sunshine hours will affect the lighting time to the actual amount of sunlight. )
The service life of solar panel: 15years,5years,of LED lamp,the battery for 2 years

Productg warranty: 2 year ( more than the warranty period for the other parts costs only )

The use of the installation instructions:
1. Small bracket with screws fixed on the lamp body ( toothbrush lamp ) or fixed on the lamp arm ( Sword lamp )
2. Solar inclined plate facing south to the sun,solar panels with word small screws fixed on the lamp body and the lamp arm of small frame column ( containing screw package )
3. Engage solar panels and light body of the waterproof connection line,then press the end of the light body to open the key
Loosen the screw 4 on the lamp body,and the lamp arm connected,then tighten screws
4. Installation on the wall or pillar mounted on the wall four explosion screw fixed,installed in the post with supporting iron sheet is fixed with supporting screws
5. Test method: solar energy induction of outdoor light,the lights will be immediately shut down,with shelter sealing solar panels will automatically turn on lights.
6. Lamp lighting distance of 8 to 15 meters.

Product Feature:
1.High power crystalline solar photovoltaic conversion rate of 17%
2.Handsome in appearance,high grade,unque stent design,solar panels can be rotated 180°,the best angle design,all round absorb sunlight
3.Exquisite glass laminated aluminum frame,durable,optical grade glass,light transmittance,greater than 93%
4.Built-in maintenance-free,high capacity 22Ah rechargeable lithilm battery,long ife,more than 1000 charge and discharge cycles,charging time of about 12 hours,continuous lighting time up to 12 hours
5.This is a scientific and technological quality solar light,including automatic light control system,charging during the day and closed at night to actived lighting,fully automated,without manual operation,0 wiring,maintenance-free,no electricity,small,lightweight,easy to install,nice spike all wiring ight

Product Specifications:
1.Color temperature: 6000-6500K
2.Solar Panel: 10/15W/20W/25W/30W
3.Battery: 3.7V/6.6AH lithium battery
7.Material:Aluminum+Tempered Glass
8.Waterproof: IP65
9.Work Time: About 2-3 rainy days
10.Duration: 8-12 hours
11.Charging time: 6-8 hours
12.Function: Light control
13.Material: die-cast aluminum + galvanized lamp arm accessories

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