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Available in multiple wattages, HZB's LED Corn Cob Bulbs are a convenient and energy-efficient solution for replacing traditional high-pressure sodium and metal halide sources in enclosed lighting fixtures. Suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires and Suitable for dry and damp locations.

The CB01 series are designed with a smaller size and shape for easy installation in bollards and globes, while the larger 20-watt, 30-watt, and 50-watt to 240-watt corn bulbs are ideal for acorn fixtures requiring a higher lumen output. Color temperatures for the line range from 3000K to a daylight 6700K.

1. Installation variability
2. 360-degree optical design
3. 50,000 hour life is 8 to 17 years operating 8 hours a day, based on L70 standards
4. Effective heat transfer
5. Uniform color consistency
6. Environmentally friendly
7. Universal voltage

1. Specially designed for indoor and outdoor lighting.
2. Retrofit the conventional lighting fixtures.
3. It's major to replace the CFL/MH/HID/HPS.
4. Universal voltage: 120V-277V, Ballast bypass.
5. >125lm/w, 150lm/w is available.
6. Beam Degree: 360°.
7. Suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires.
8. Suitable for dry and damp locations.
9. 5 year limited warranty.
10. Application: bedroom, living room, ceiling Lamp, wall lamp, chandeliers, Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, office or other places.

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