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Solar street lights suffer from quality pain! Don't make the only choice with price...
2019-03-27 12:22:57

Solar street lights suffer from quality pain! Don

At present, the solar street lamp enterprises are mixed, and the products are shoddy, resulting in the phenomenon that the solar street lamps are "unprotected and sold after years, and the years become rotten and black".

Street lamp life is only 1 year

Solar street light, a segment of the photovoltaic industry, because it can directly use solar power to generate electricity, save energy, and eliminate the need for complex and expensive long-distance transmission cables, as well as automatic operation, voltage safety and many other advantages in the past few years. It is widely and quickly used to replace traditional street lamps.

However, this market segment is experiencing a short-lived pain. "Solar street lamp installation was demolished in 1 year", "A town installed thousands of street lamps in June 2015, and the failure rate of lamps has reached 21% after half a year". "In many areas, some solar lighting waste projects have been replaced by ordinary cities. Electric lighting, there are more solar street lighting projects, forcing repairs every year, causing a lot of manpower, material resources and financial waste. For this phenomenon, some products that are not up to standard are selected, and there are no standards, quality inspections, after-sales, etc...

Warranty for a few years into empty talk

The biggest feature of the solar street lamp industry is that the production process is messy. Solar streetlight products are mostly based on patchwork, rather than independent research and development, and even many lighting companies do not have factories. In the production process, these enterprises often cut corners and shoddy goods, so that they can bid at low prices, which makes the industry's low-quality and low-cost garbage projects flood.

Although solar street lamps rely mainly on solar energy to generate electricity during use, they can save a lot of electricity. However, many projects are often implemented with the hope of relying on the electricity saved by later use to recover costs. If there is no warranty, it means that huge investment cannot be recovered. .

"This is a sunrise industry. If it has not yet developed, it is full of unspoken rules." According to reports, in this industry, many products are not selected from regular companies, no professional technicians, and no strong management and technical capabilities. The construction management can't keep up, which has caused great pressure on the owners. The quality of the project is not enough, and there are hidden danger projects and garbage projects.

After the construction of many intermediaries and related households, there is not enough manpower, material resources and financial support, and there is no after-sales service. In order to avoid the risk, the mobile phone number was changed, and the change of the facade did not care about the after-sales. As a result, more and more "orphans" of solar street lamps on the market have ruined the image of the industry, seriously jeopardizing the interests of users, and also causing extreme road safety for the social residents. Big trouble.

In the opinion of industry experts, the solar street lamp market is more than the low-quality and low-cost competition in the solar water heater industry. Customers must have the necessary understanding of the product before purchasing the product to avoid being deceived!

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