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Integrated solar street light assembly process
2019-03-27 13:07:38

Integrated solar street light assembly process

Integrated solar street light assembly process

1, determine the installation location
The installation site should avoid the shadow of obstacles such as houses and trees, and avoid reducing the power generation efficiency of the solar panels, resulting in short working hours.
If in the northern hemisphere, install the "integrated solar street light" direction as far as possible to make the solar panel face the south or the light receiving surface in the best direction to get the maximum energy.
If in the southern hemisphere, install the solar panels as far as possible toward the north or the light receiving surface.
According to the actual engineering needs, choose the best location for installation and install solar street lights along the road.

2, digging the foundation
According to the requirements, the size of the pit is determined. Before the foundation construction, the local regulations should be followed to investigate the geological conditions. If the surface is soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened.

3, pouring street lamp base
After 2-4 days of curing, proceed to the next step. During concrete solidification, it should be watered and maintained regularly, and the concrete should be completely solidified before installation.

4, install street lights
1) Remove the package and check the accessories;
2) Connect the external waterproof connector to test whether the lamp can work normally;
3) Fasten the rear seat of the lamp to the appropriate height of the lamp post;
4) Please clean the surface of the solar panel in time after installation, taking care not to block the solar panel.

5, complete the installation, regular maintenance
In order to ensure the beauty and battery components can better receive the amount of solar energy, you can clean the dust, leaves or other impurities on the battery components every six months. In areas with severe dust or harsh environments, maintenance frequencies may be shortened depending on the situation.

The above is about the integration of solar street lamp assembly process flow introduced to this, integrated solar street light is a collection of solar panels, led lights and lithium batteries in one, through the intelligent human body sensing system, so that it has low energy consumption, high time, High lumens and maintenance-free features. At the same time, integrated solar street lights are easy to install and easy to transport.

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