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Product Abstract:

Solar Peach Garden Lamp 9w Integrated Solar Garden Lights, Exclusive type of solar garden lamp, Integrated Solar Garden Light for Courtyard and Park, light control + time control, 5H full power,Half power till dawn, lighting 365 days, with light induction, Normal operate 11H.

Solar Peach Garden Lamp TYN-PDG-002

Peach Model LED Solar Garden Street Light
Model: TYN-PDG-002-9W
Introduction & Configuration:
It is widely used for village road, housing estate, industrial park, school, park, courtyard, feature spot. It's easy to be installed, no hanging wires or dug construction, and even no worry about electric shock and ration of power, energy saving, without payment of the electric, long life span.

Advantages of Solar Garden Light:

1. Energy saving: transform solar light into electric power, unending supply, no exhaustion.
2. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation.
3. Safety: lower voltage power supply, no electric power shock accident, safe and reliable operation.
4. Convenience: easy installation, no hanging wires or dug construction, and even no worry about electric shock and ration of power. The lamp body can ring a 360 around the pole; the solar panel can rotate horizontally around the lamp body. It's convenient to install on different position and make sure the solar panel faces to the sun.
5. Long life span: high technology, control systems and accessories used international brand, intelligent design, and reliable in quality.
6. Less investment: one time solar street light investment is equivalent with electricity street light (which include cost for alternating current from the substation, into electricity power, control box, cable, and engineering), only one investment, but long-term returns.
7. Free maintenance: Automatic control, without human management, the light automatically turned on and off according to the light intensity, saving human and material resources.
8. High taste: science and technology products, green energy which shows users attaching great imiportance to science and technology,increases their green images and improves high-end grade.

It is widely used in city of slow lane, narrow lane, resdential areas, scenic spots, parks, squares, private garden, garden corridor and other publice places' one or both sides used for road lighting. it can improve the safety of people travel at night to increase people's outdoor activities, and to improve the life and property safety.

Solar Peach Lamp Series
1. Solar Panel Photosensitive Control or remote control or microwave induction, automatically identify moving objects around.
2. When people near brightness increase, people leave brightness decrease.
3. Intelligent control, multiple choice.
4. Solar power generation, No electricity fees, no wiring, install installation.
5. LiFePO4 battery, Life of 8-10 years.


Power Supply: 9W Installation Height: 3-6m
Solar Panel: 20W Polycrystalline silicon Installation Distance: 15-20m
Light Source: Osram Installation Way: Install On The Pole or Wall
Battery capacity: 7.4V/8AH LiFePO4 Battery Lifespan: >50000h
Luminous Efficiency: 100LM/W  Colar Rendering Index: >70Ra
Induction Distance: 5-8m Charging Time: 6-8h
Lighting Time: All Night Lighting, the first 4 hrs full power lighting, the rest night lighting is intelligent power control.
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